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A clean cloth and over it a plantan leaf should be spread on a wooden plank. Over that a Vinayaga form (Triangular) made in Turmeric Powder with a little water is to be kept. By its side a kalasa field with water mangoleaves and Coconut on top with Kumkum, Chandan applied should be kept. Pushpammala should be put on the Kalasha. Arthi shoud be performed. For the Naivedhaya (offering) Sugar of jaggery is enough. Once should not get up from the pooja in the middle. This is very important.

Kumbha is Lakshmi kubera and the Turmeric Powder form Ganesha. If done with devotion surely good result will follow. During `Sindhuland Civilisation Kubera was on of the Guards of eight dishas. If kubera is workshiped there will be raise in the life standard and wealth be received. Comforts and developments will also occur.

If the name of Kubera is chanted regularly it will result in well being. If worshipped then Money good results will follow.

In Mount Thiruvannamalai "Girivallam" is very famous. In its north side Kubera is in the form of linga. Lot of devotees worship there. As we know we require money for everything. It is given by Kubera only. In Buddhism also Kubera is mentioned very highly. Kubera is seen in "Bengsuvi" Vasthusastra He is seen in standing posture with hands raised. With a smiling face and fat belly. There also he is in the north side only. At Kulalambur there is a Golden statue for Buddha. It will be good if Buddha's statue is kept in our houses in the north side. For a eternal life Kubera's Grace is required. Why should we be left behind?


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