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As water spring enables to get water, in the same way for people who worship Lord Kubera can get releasing his blessings, Added to that, He stablises to be with every individual good strength, better business, sufficient inflow of money, education, industrial growth etc.

Auspicious date to worship Lord Kubera is between Oct 15th Nov. 15 (Tamil Month Iyppasi). Thursday is the most auspicious day with PUSASTAR. He faces Northern direction. Those who offers day Pooja to Lord Kubera he stays in their feature respective houses. Combination of the mentioned is very very rare so, which every occurs, by placing Lord Kubera's photo with proper Yantra by placing in Northern direction, do the pooja for 48 days with the following Mantra daily 108 times with proper Naivedhyam to achieve the goal.


Om Hrim Yakshaaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya
Danadaanyathi Pathayae Danadaanya
Samruddhimmae Daehi Tapaya Swahaa
Om Yaksha Raajaya Vidmahae Alakadiisaya Dimahi
Tanno Kuberappracodayaat.

  He is fair complexioned, Dwarf with the extended Belly, Smiling face and Horse has the Vehicle, another posture is seated on Lotus with right leg folded and leaving down the left leg. He has conch on the left hand while the right has Padmavadhi with pot being placed on his right thigh. Apart from these postures, who ever wishes any form he changes as per their desire. His wife is sittarini.  

Make Yantra either in Copper, Silver or God 3 X 3 Size with Nine Squares and numbers to be there by adding to stand be 72 and place or parasa Leaves and do pay a with Lots leaf, and offer ingredients side as milk, scented water, place on Green shawl, in front of lamp (5 faces - wish) with ghee, perform pooja for 72 days by chanting the mantra. All the rich people wise etc will be at your doorstep. This Yantra Pooja gives success at once.



27+20+25+20 = 72
25+24+23 = 72
23+28+21 = 72

Manija vagya Vimana Vavasthikam
Garuda Ratna Deepam Nidhi Dayakam!
Sivasakam Mukaadathi Vibushitham
Varagatham Dantham Bhaja thunthilam!












Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaisrananaya
Danadhanya Pathaya
Danadhanya Sumrumthimene
Dehi Thapayaswah

Wealth and prosperity will increase by chanting the above mantra every day 108 times by some means.

  Turmeric Powder, Water, Wooden plank, Yanthra of Kubera small size Cloth, Kalasa, Mango leaves, Pushpamals, rice, plantan leaves, chandan, Kumkum Coconut, Plantain, Betel leaves supari, Flowers, Deepam, Ghee, Oil, Matchbox, Milk Honey, Curd, Panchamirdam, Cup, Vessels for Deepam, Dhoopam, Arithi, Sambarani, Utharani, Panjapathiram, Thirumangalayam, Yaghyopavitham, Cloth, Ornaments, Kheer and Naivedhaya eatables, Wheat, Rice and Navadanyas They should be kept in separate small cups.  
  The ‘Amavasaya' day in the month of November is auspicious for the Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja. The Yanthra of Sri Lakshmi Kubera should be placed on a clean cloth and plantan leaf spread over wooden plank on a Friday or Tuesday at the appropriate time on the Easten side. Kalasa should be placed on the plank near the yanthira on the right side. It should be filled with clean water mango leave should be placed in the Kailasa Kumkum, Chandan
should be applied pushpa Mala should be put.

Namo Namo Kuberaya Sanka padam Nidhi Prabho!
Suvaranavam Pingaksham Manasa Bavayamyaham|!
Kuberam Pushbaka Gathim Nidhibi Navabiryatham!
Dhanadanya Samrrithimme Tvat prasaddat Mahinthwa!!
Sri Mahalakshmi sahitham Dhanakarshana pratham
Sri kubera Rajam Dhyayami
Sukiliam baraderam Vishnum Sashivarnam Chahirabujam
Prasanna vadanam Dhayeth Sarvavignopa Shanthaye

Om Bhu, Om Bhu, Om suvah, Om Mahah, Om Janah, Om Jayaka, Om Taph Om Satyam,
Om Tatsavithurvarenyam, Bargodevasya Demahi, Deeyayone Prochodayat.



Dhana Danya Namasthubyam Nidhi Padma Te Namah
Bhavanthu Tvat Prasadan me Dhanadanyathi Sampatha
Kuberam Pushpagatham Nidhin Navabiryutham
Svarna Vanram pingasham means a Dhavanamyaham!!
Naravahana Yakhsesa serva puniya laniaswara
Avasitho Maya Bandhya Pujam Ma sapalam Kuru!!
Sri Kuberaya Wamah Shodaka Pujam Karishey
Sri Kubera Namah Avahayami
Sri Argyam Samarpayami
Sri Padyam Samarpayami
Sri Achamaniyam Samarpayami
Sri Snanam Samarpayami
Sri Vastram Samarpayami
Sri Gandan Darayami Samarpayami
Sri Pushpani Samarpayami
Sri Dhoopa Deepam Samarpayami
Sri Naivedhyam Samarpayami
Sri Karpura Neerajanam Samarpayami

It is always good to worship Sri Lakshmi and Kubera together in Kubera's Pooja when both the deites are worshipped described result will be fully achieved as Kubera is dear to Sri Lakshmi.

  Facts about Lord Kubera is found in the Scriptures of Buddhisim. In countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan people worship Kubera as laughing Daily to ward off evils. They worship kubera in short, flawless, Smiling forms with fat pouch, Kalasa bag ornaments, Though the religions are different it has been found that Lord Kuberas form is one and the same.  

The Meaning of VASTHU in Sankrit in the place where we live. The plan of a house can be divided into Eight parts keeping the Hindu Vasthu Sashtras it is belived that all the Eight parts are protected by divine shakthis and Navagrahas.

The central north part in a house in the abode of the wealth God KUBERA. HE resides there to give prosperity and wealth. In the house working to the north sides generally the business will be very good because KUBERA is capable of increasing the business. According to science also there is more magnetic attraction inthe north side. Hence people benefit by keeping the front door in the north side and that two on top eastern position. Also North
is in the influence of "BUDHAGRAHA" which will ensure good education, welfare of women and general health. It is believed in China also that north is the auspicious side. The improvement of business Generally also we can benefit by keeping productive things in the northern side. Even otherwise by using from Northern side will also be beneficial. So people will hang an ordinary looking glass on the northern side favorite to Lord Kubera to prevent his power from being lost.


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